Switching cases affects burn quality?

I just switched all of my components into another case and my burn quality has hit suckville! :a

I almost never got more than 8 maximum PI Errors and now I’m getting like 100+!! WTF?!?

Anyone have any ideas on what I may need to do to get my burn quality back to normal? I don’t want to use too (or any!) many dvdrs for testing this as I generally use all of them and cringe at the thought of a bad burn.

Are you using the same power supply? any other components different other then the case? cabling etc. Also how many burns have you done to come to the conclusion your burn quality has suffered?

I’ve wondered for a long time whether fan vibration can cause burn quality degredation. My only 1620 is in a PC with six fans, two of which are high-speed CPU fans that are very slightly off synch so that there is a secondary beat vibration as well.

I get better quality burns with hardware mounted in antec sonata than lian li due to reduced vibration.

Yes, all of the components are the same, including the power supply. I was hopeful that switching cases would improve my burns as the one I used before seemed somewhat prone to vibrations. I even put in extra screws on the drive (4 screws compared to the two I usually use).

Neither of the cases are what might me termed ‘high-quality’ or ‘name-brand’ designs, but seeing as the case I was using before seemed more clunky I’m miffed as to what could be causing the burn quality degredation.

I even reversed the cabling to see if maybe I installed it backwards and things are still the same.

I reflashed the firmware and its just the same. I’ve made perhaps about 3 burns which are very high in the PI Error count all from the same media. I suppose I could be hitting a bad part of the batch, but this happens with the dvd+rw media I have as well. Only one of the burns have been a coaster (Think the PIEs went to 300+ on that one with around 60% Quality score) and the others have been in the 93%+ score range, which isn’t completely horrible, but a noticable reduction nevertheless.

I’m gonna take out the extra screws I put in to secure the drive and maybe switch it to another bay and hope that helps.

Will post results later.

How is air flow in the new case? Is internal temp the same as in the old case? Maybe the drive is getting hotter than it was in teh old case.

Just a thought, but maybe the motherboard isn’t grounded properly or maybe the cable was damaged when you changed them. I don’t see how it could be the case, other than standoff’s for grounding motherboard.

Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Is the IDE cable an 80-wire cable (rather than a 40-wire one)? Apparently cable electrical noise issues might cause a degradation in recording integrity that an 80-wire cable can correct. Perhaps the new case is somehow managing to generate more noise than the old one (maybe via a noisy case fan) or maybe it’s somehow happening due to an IDE cable routing issue?

  2. Perhaps you could try and troubleshoot it by temporarily pulling the drive out of the case and setting it on top (if the IDE and power cables are long enough to allow this), to see if anything changes. Maybe the drive is being physically stressed by mounting it in the new case?

Wow. Quite a few excellent suggestions guys. :slight_smile:

Well, I changed the positions of the drive, moving it to one of the lower bays as well as removing the ‘extra’ screws I installed. I did two more burns with my crappy (I knew those TDK 8X +Rs for $19.99 at CompUSA were too good to be true. Turns out they were rebagged CMC E01’s. So much for ever buying TDK again) media.

And the result is…well, inconclusive. I doubt my minor attempts really helped matters much, but the burn I did with the TDK was 94% (Sorry I can’t post actual Nero graphs, my burner is on my other comp.) quality which isn’t as bad as it sounds. There was only one PIE spike of 14 which brought it that low. The PIE and PIF count was actually way lower than my previous ‘usual’ 97% quality burns. The trailing upwards ridge of PIEs did seem somewhat larger than before however which still leaves me doubting.

I neglected to mention that I was running a modified write strategy as well. I was using CMC M01, but I still only burned it at 8X which is what the media is rated for.

Yes, I’m using a 40-pin connector. I hope I didn’t damage it in the transfer. :eek: I was thinking about switching out the hard drive cable for the one I use with my cdrom drives, but didn’t want to put an iffy cable (If it is that) on my HD. You may be right on the mobo not being grounded properly, or maybe its just I need to shift the soundcard into another slot, but my sound has been crackling very slightly occasionally, which I didn’t notice before.
I should have thought of that one Spartane, removing the drive from the case and trying a burn that way. I haven’t had my BenQ for that long and I guess I’m a bit squeamish about bumping it too much or (heaven forbid!) dropping it! :eek:

Dreamliner, the airflow seems to be okay. It doesn’t seem warmer or cooler than my previous case, although, this case does have a somewhat narrower profile. Hmmm…I may have to check on that further. Good suggestion. Thx!

Right now, I guess I’m gonna wait for the next couple of burns to see how things are. Seeing as how CMC media is very variable (At least so I’ve read here…this is my first time using any, so I have no first-hand experience with it) I don’t want to make too many changes which might make things worse. I remember the first media I bought for my BenQ was some crappy Memorex DVD-Rs which didn’t burn at all leading me to think something was wrong with my drive. But replacing them with Sony DVD+Rs yielded great burns without a single coaster or problem.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I wish I had more time to troubleshoot this more, but I needed the machine for other stuff and didn’t have time I wanted to take it apart again. Will post another follow up after a few more burns into this batch.

You should be using an ultra cable. I suugest you get one sometime in the future, maybe make it a ribbon and not round or eleehm will chastize you!

The 40 conductor cable should work fine but especially if you are moving cases around I’d suggest the 80 Ultra IDE cables as Hef said. I think he nailed it. I’d check on Chiefvalue.com for the cable since they have a lot of free shipping deals now. I wouldn’t suggest newegg for just the cable since you’ll pay double the cost of the cable in shipping alone. sigh What happened to all the newegg free shipping deals anyway? hehe

Been busy busy busy an unable to post a followup until now. Well, I made a few burns and did a couple of firmware changes which didn’t seem to help much, so I ended up finally settling with the hacked write strategy I was originally using.

I thought I had another 80-wire cable around someplace, but I’ve only been able to find a couple of 40-wire ones, so no changes made there.

As I said previously my older case was a bit wider than the current one and I noticed that I had also removed one of the PCI metal brackets in the back on that one to improve airflow! (Interference with the discs spin pattern due to air pressure variables? hmmm) So I did the same on the new case and my burns are now mostly what they were before.

I also did a quality test on one of the Sony DVD+Rs I’d previously burned in the older case and the quality wasn’t as great as I remembered it being. It was about the same as my CMC E01 discs!

Hmm…I must admit I’m a bit baffled. I have no idea what the problem was. I did burn some fairly sizeable discs at one point (Maybe it was an overburn problem??) so maybe that contributed to my poor burns.

Right now my scans are pretty smooth and even at 8X, rarely going above 8-12 PIE until the outside edge of the disc where things spike to the 20s. My PIFs are also alot lower than what I was getting with some of my less quality burns. My last 3 scans were 95s. Not great, but well well within the range of a generally readable and ‘solid’ burn. I can live with 95s on CMC E01 media. :slight_smile:

So in the end, I’m guessing it was just a bad batch of discs or my computer’s innards just needing to get settled into their new home. Or maybe it was the plate removed from the PCI slot shrug. Take your pick.

Again, thx for all the responses and help guys. You and CDFreaks ROX!