Switching 851S from slave to master?

Hi all, I have problems with my DVD burner and someone suggested that it could be because my DVD burner is slave and my DVDRom is master?

I’ve talk to a salesman who told me that all I have to do is change a plastic cap (don’t know the exact name) on the back of the burner to the master position and to do the opposite (to slave) on my DVDRom and to reboot my computer. Is this true??? Could it be that simple???

Is there a risk I should know about? :confused:

leave the jummper settings as they are it makes no differnce which is slave or master so long as one is slave and the other master. your probs are else were.

Just swich jumpers at back of the drives.

Be careful to jumper each drive correct or you PC could hang during boot.

What seems to be the trouble.