Switches to work offline

My computer switches to work offline intermittently even without me requesting it. Sometimes it happens even though the “work offline” under “file” is not ticked. When that happens i have to completely start again what i was doing. I`m on Windows XP-cable wi fi wireless network-Netgear modem and adapters. Any clues?(see attachments) :smiley:

Seems your computer somehow loses the signal to the internet. If this is a wireless signal, i suggest checking out the signal strenght. Perhaps maybe choosing a more clear signal channel?

[B]Thank You. I checked the signal strength this morning on the little tv icon in the task bar and it shows signal strength “very good”-speed 24Mbps. It normally shows good/very good, occassionally excellent. I`ll check it when this working offline thing happens. Is there another way to check it?[/B] :smiley:

Yes, there is. You need to know the ip adress of your wifi router. You can check this in the network properties of your network interface card. Usually it’s something like or

Then you can use the following command in a Command prompt:

ping -t

This will constantly check the repsonse time of your WiFi router. If this is more than a few milliseconds then the signal takes a long time to go from your computer to your wifi router.

If you want to check certain websites you can change the ip to something like google.com :

ping - t google.com

Thank You. I went to my computer>properties>hardware>device manager>Network adapters>Netgear wg111… but didn`t find the router ip address in there… Am i looking in the right place? (attached)

Go to settings /network connections/ right click on device, choose properties scroll down to Ip/Protocol / properties and the ip address should be there for your local nic adapter

or type in a cmd box: ipconfig /all

I went through that to tcp/ip and my attachment shows what`s there. The “cmd” ipconfig /all just flashes a black box and goes off quick, no info. :smiley:

You need to go into the command prompt, i.e.:

Click start -> Run, type in “cmd” and click ‘OK’.

In the black box, type in “ipconfig”.

Type in “ping -t (ip address)”, with your gateway IP here, as shown below:

You should get a repetitive series of “Reply from …” lines. Just minimise this black box and use the Internet as you usually would. As soon as you notice the “Work Offline” issue, bring back up this black box. If you see any “Request timed out” messages, then you know the culprit is either with the router or PC’s wi-fi.

The “cmd” ipconfig /all just flashes a black box and goes off quick, no info

Start, Run, CMD

In the command box, type IPCONFIG /ALL

You may have typed it in wrong or in the wrong box should have stayed till you typed in exit

Thank You. Yes, i found that. i think i typed a space between “g” and the forward slash. I`ll try the ping etc., :cool:

[B]I did the “ping” thing and many many “reply froms” came up and i minimized it. I`ll keep checking. Thanks a lot[/B]. :smiley:

[B]That C/Windows ping is minimized to my taskbar. Is that checking while there? [/B]:cool:

It’ll keep pinging even while minimised :wink:

However, the messages will go above the very top after ~300 pings, so it’s only useful for checking over the past ~5 minutes.

Thank You. So do i have to keep pinging it again after the 5 minutes? :bigsmile:

[B]So that ping thing(C /Windows) goes for a while and then dissapears from the taskbar?? Do i have to keep doing the ping?[/B] :bigsmile:

Can you give us the numbers after time=

If this is more than 10ms and hovers between 1 and 10ms you have quite the unstable connection. See post #8 for information.

[B]I did all of the “post 8” and minimized the black box icon to the taskbar (C/Windows etc.,) and the reply froms rolled for a while but the taskbar icon dissappears after a while. {attached is a screen shot of part of the reply froms-time=.[/B] :cool:

The 2 to 5mms is okay but that 1 showing 999 is abourt to lose connection, how often does it get that High ? can you tell.

[B]Im still connected. I tried to run the "reply from-ping" thing through and found some at 726-691 also a fair way apart. Im wondering if in my attachment has something to do with the " work offline"[/B]. That box was ticked so i unticked it. :bigsmile:

That would definitely have something to do with it,I think you may have found your problem