Switched out drive still can't burn

I’m sure this must have come up before, but can’t find an answer, so forgive me if this is redundant.

Basically everything had been working fine with my BTC IDE1108, just burning CD’s, no DVD’s. Then it started crashing after buffering, upon attempting to actually burn, both for data discs using Ashampoo CD Recording Suite 2004, and audio discs using Musicmatch Burner. I got so frustrated I actually swapped out the drive for an Exact aka Optorite DD0405…and still have exactly the same problem.

From that I conclude the drive was fine and the burning programs are fine, but something with Bill Gates’ name all over it is responsible for my misery. I’m running WIN98SE - anyone got any advice for me before I shoot myself?

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Can you post a little more info regarding your hardware? Have checked to make sure your hard drives and burner are set to dma mode instead of pio? Some programs seem to default perfectly happy drives to PIO when DMA was previously on. When was the last you defragged your hard drive?

All basic steps that have a huge impact your ability to burn reliably if at all.

Good luck…:slight_smile:

Will have to check when I get home on the PIO/DMA issue and reply tomorrow - for some reason all my posts from home disappear into the ether and never appear.

Running WIN98SE on P4/1.8 on Asus P4B mobo, 512mb PC133, GeForce 2/MX400 64mb, generic CD drive and Exact/Optorite DD0405 DVDRW. Using TDK, Maxell and Staples CD-R, no CD-RW or DVD. Both drives recognise all discs, just can’t burn anymore, dammit!

Thanks for taking the time to help.

Good advice above, check that first.
A friend had this problem trying to burn dvd’s. Burn would fail immediately. His turned out to be all spyware. A new version of Nortons with spyware tools, spysweeper, and spybot search and destroy. After about 6 hours of running these and removing spyware, the burner burned a dvd at max.
May not be your problem but worth checking.

98 is about gone man! what can I say! LOL

etp, you’re absolutely right of course - got xp pro in the office - but as you can see from my equipment (if you’ll pardon the expression, grin) I’m operating at the low end of the scale. Could be worse I guess, at least it’s 98SE and not 95!!! Then I’m sure I would be just too embarassed to post! Um, sorry if this means I’ve just been inadvertently rude to anyone out there…

One other thought on my problem, something I forgot to mention in my original post is that I did get one BSOD with the BTC drive still installed, referencing VxD APIX(03). Could this be relevant?

The BSOD doesn’t jump out at me, personally, in addition to my earlier advice, the poster suggestion about spyware/adware/etc was very good as well.

When perfectly happy drives stop working oddly, it could well mean simple hardware failure, but replacing the drive should solve that.

Just a side thought…recently play/rip any notorius sony/bmg audio cd’s that box lately??? LOL

I’m pretty anal about virus and spyware, ran everything again to make sure, and system is clean.

Re PIO/DMA, expanding device manager for both the drives and for the ultra ATA controllers (no IDE controllers listed) doesn’t lead to any mention of DMA or PIO. I get ‘this device is working properly’, and on the ‘settings’ tab:
disconnect (checked)
sync data transfer (not checked)
auto insert notification (checked)
…which I know I’ve never changed.

Going into the BIOS I found that for both the DVD-RW and the CD drive, it states:
Type - auto
PIO mode - 4
Ultra DMA mode - 2 (3,4 and 5 are for 80 pin cable, I have 40)

Any ideas? Since the drive still recognises and opens discs, I still find myself thinking that it’s something to do with Windows going funky and preventing the burn process, but I really don’t want to reinstall because I haven’t backed up for a couple of weeks and don’t want to lose some recent hard work…and I can’t burn it to disc. Which is where I came in, I think!

…and no, haven’t been anywhere near any of those nasty copy-protected CD’s. And yes, hooray indeed for boobies. :slight_smile:

That’s abit odd, in my stock 98se box, using standard windows drivers for my eide channels, thats not where the dma option would be ticked. it’s ticked individual in the settings properties of each individual disk (hdd’s and cd/dvd’s)

Thats also where auto insert and such are as well. Try looking at the properties of each individual drive. It may be that your running some 3rd party drivers that came with the board.

40 pin vs 80 ide/eide, just for clarification, is still a 40 pin connector on each end, just 2 wires soldered to each pin in some strange array. If you wish, pm me and I can email you some screen shots of what it looks like on my screen, may be of help that way. :slight_smile:

Eliminating what we have so far…

I know this may sound silly as hell, but it did work for me once. Replace the ide cable that conects your burner to the main board. Some times just unplugging and replugging the old cable back in can yeald results (theory they can vibrate loose over time). If that spanky new drive came with it’s own cable, most likely newer 80 wire eide. Try it.

I had a cranky duron 800 that hade a drive puke on it (2x mitsui cdr/rw, yes I’m so proud). When I upgraded it to a sony 8x, same damn problem, on the same old 40 wire 40 pin cable. Replaced the cable and worked like magic again.

So what could you set in your BIOS? Could you set it to UMDA2?

…and a big thankyou to ZigZagMan, problem resolved by switching out the IDE cable (for another 40/40 as it happens, all I had). Life is not yet perfect - the burner thought ‘My Disc’ was still in the drive after I removed it, had to right click and ‘eject’ to clear it - but I can now burn again and life is - relatively - sweet. Thanks for the suggestion, and a profusion of boobies to you…

:clap: Peace and profound boobie to you as well…:slight_smile:

Actually, my 98se box often does that as well, it’s a nusiance but little more.

Glad it worked for you!!!