Switched my drives and now everything is messed up



ok, i have a Phillips DVD+RW and a Sony CD-RW, The CD-RW was the top on and couldnt boot from my reinstalltion CR, and there were on a spilt IDE cable, so i pulled the drives out and switched them nd reformated. Now i cant burn CD-RWs or anything and things were going crazy, so i switched them back and now itrs even worse. The Top drive is now E and the bottom is now D. When i eject CDs they stay in a way and when i click the CDs drive name it says what should u open this program with???
Heres one screenshot
Sorry, i just saw that tread about buring hardware forum, can a mod move this if its in the wrong place


You can change the drive letters in the control panel so this is not an indication of a problem. Make sure the first drive has the jumper set for master and the second one is slave. after that I would reboot with both drives disconnected, shut down, and then power back up to let the system re-install the hardware. There are ways to do this in the device manager, but this will work as well. Then if there is a problem, post additional details. BTW, if your jumpers are right, you can have either one of the drives on top or bottom.