Switch harddrives

Question, can I take a hard drive out of one computer to replace an existing one in another?

yes, you can just as long as certain conditions are meet.

  1. Is it IDE or Sata?
    a. For IDE below.
    b. Are you going to make it MS or SL?
    c. IDE requires 80 pin cable and or be set as SL or MS.
    d. Sata boot drives are set in the BIOS.

  2. Was that drive originally a Root HDD?
    a. How are you going to configure the drive or drives?
    b. Replacing a HDD with another requires you format the replacement HDD and install current drivers that are for the current motherboard to function properly.
    c. Don’t forget to backup only your data files or saved files to copy them back to the drive.

  3. How update is your O/S?
    a. XP SP2 or SP3 will see larger then 137G HDD.
    b. If don’t have SP3 updated it first then hooked up the HDD.

  4. If all is done correctly and no errors comes up.
    a. Reinstall your software and then copy back your data and saved files into the proper folders.
    b. Test to see if all the setup and software install work properly.

Depends on exactly what you are doing. If it is the main OS drive (C: for example), then it may or may not work as the hardware within the two PC’s is likely different. XP will see the hardware has changed and try to load drivers, which may or may not work. If it’s a slave or data drive only, then you can simply move it without any issues.