Switch from Gold to Platinum?

I have been a DVDFab Express for a couple of years recently when express was eliminated I switched for free to gold. ( I am very happy with no complaints. Gold is great and much better than express was with no problems)
My question is , can I switch to Platinum and just pay the difference of $10.00 the DVD Fab web site is now offering for Platinum??? If so how. Please advise me anuone with info.
Thanks Steve

Hi Steve. I think it’s US$19.95 to upgrade to Platinum. This page explains it. I did this last summer and have never regretted it.:slight_smile:
I think the “upgrade” price applies as long as you have a license for Gold.

I’m with Signals, Platinum rocks. OFT Signals we are practically neighbors, I live in Western NC.


Is that close to Ar-Kansas ? LOL

Hi and Thanks to all. (Signals, I went directly to the site you linked me to, THANKS neighbor). I upgraded to Platinum for $19.99 today. I hope I can understand or at least get to know the additional Burns Platinum has. It is 11:30 here in NY, I will start playing with my new toy tomm. Thanks again.

Hello Steven J. Germano
You are going to LOVE the Platinum version and all the great features it has :bigsmile:
Any troubles or questions just ask

Tim :smiley:

Hi Steve,
I’m sure you’ll love the program. (East Tennessee)


Hi Steve–glad you took the plunge!:slight_smile: I don’t think you’ll ever be sorry you did. If I may presume to give a little more “neighborly” advice; if you haven’t yet, glance over the rules of the forum when you have a minute; here you’ll find a summary of the DVD-to-DVD features available in Platinum, with a longer run down on the new Merge feature. You’ll find this forum a friendly and helpful place. As StormJumper said, if there is something you can’t find an answer to in an existing thread, just start a new one and ask.

:bigsmile: No, but at least you’re in the SEC now.:clap: