Swiss music industry aims to starting fighting online piracy

I just posted the article Swiss music industry aims to starting fighting online piracy.

 According to the Swiss Anti Piracy Federation  (SAFE), music sales have fallen 15% in Switzerland back in 2003, which it blames  on file sharing services and websites freely offering copyrighted...
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What are they gonna do, insist that the government put a Customs and Excise man on every computer in use in Switzerland 24/7 to collect all royalties and taxes due and payable for every music download!

Let’s see… the Swiss Banks, et al, were in colusion with the Nazi’s and hid/hoarded a huge amount of wealth from its rightful owners/heirs until recentl legal action. Now, they’re concerned about loosing a few dollars in music sales? As the hip-hop slang goes, “Niggah Puhleeze!”
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Swiss music industry??? their yodel-buisness sure is what rippers, pirates etc. see as their basis for reputation for new releases BWAHAHA