Swirl Marks on LightScribe media using LG GSA-4166B


I currently own a LG GSA-4166B drive. When I burn a Lightscribe media using SureThing 4 SE, I have noticed that on dark parts of the images, you can see circular swirl marks on the printed disc. I’m using the latest firmware and Lightscribe System Software.

I used to own a HP 640i and swirl marks were never visible on the dark parts of the images. Does anyone else face this problem? I have always been using the Verbatim media.

Hi & welcome!

I see them too with a HP 640c (crossflashed to BenQ 1625). Could be more a media than a burner issue?


I used to have a HP 640c like yours until it went faulty. I was running firmware version JS04 and also the older version of the Lightscribe System Software and there were no issues at all in terms of swirl marks. The surface was perfect without any uneveness unlike the issue I am facing now. What firmware and Lightscribe System Software are you using? If you are using the latest, have you tried using the older version JS04? I have already send a support request to LG and also Lightscribe about this issue and am awaiting a reply. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

Hi again,

I never used the drive as a HP, flashed it to BenQ f/w BBIA immediately. I don’t use LightScribe that often (mostly use inkjet printable discs). If you have an image with a mainly dark surface to print, I would first take the “negative” of it and use that as the LightScribe label. The dark areas will then remain “gold” on the disc and you’ll avoid the swirl marks.