I just totaly made my xbox useless about 1 year ago…
Locked out my hard drive and can’t unlock it because i locked it with the wrong code…
Anyways i can’t find out what code i used, woundering if there is anyway to put a new hard drive in w/o modding the xbox…

If you could tell the drive type, we would be able to help you.

regards, Stephen

Well i would need a how-to and a few programs…but the drive that i want to replace hte old one is…

Western Digital
S/n: WCAJA2007569
40.0 GB
MDL: WD400BB - 75FJA1

Any other Info you want on it?

I also have anotherone that if the top one doesn’t work then i want a checkup on this…

IBM Deskstar
Model: IC35L060AVVA07
s/n: a3cbvh4a

I wanted to know your original hdd type. As it can be unlocked. :slight_smile: Then boot from a boot disk, make a backup of your eeprom settings and then install the new drive with the known eeprom data. If you do not have the old one, and the Xbox is chipped then you can easily add the new drive, simply use hdpartition program that will format your new drive in a PC, then you can put it into the Xbox. Any of the above mentioned drives will do, all you have to do is get the eeprom content somehow. In worst case you have to reset the Xbox eeprom, and then you can install any drive.

regards, Stephen

The original HDD is gone… it was a wesern digital… 20gb… Thats all i know…

Back to your original question, no without modding you cannot replace the HDD. Or you could have, if you had saved the eeprom contents. So modding is a need unfortunatelly in this case. You can remove the mod in the end, but then your Xbox will not use the 40 GB but only 8. By the way the original WD was 8 GB.

As your old drive is gone there are two choices.

1, if you have a backup of the eeprom contents then burn a evox hdd install disk, install the new hdd, boot from the burnt disk and format the new drive.

2, if you do not have the backup, then you have to get a chip with unathorized bios, run it and reset your eeprom. Remove this chip and now you can install the hdd.

regards, Stephen

Could you get me a site with this chip?

Any chip will do, but dual bank chipc are the best for you. One for a normal BIOS and one for this special unauthorized one. You first boot the unauthorized BIOS, reprogram the eeprom, then change to the other bank and boot from the normal BIOS. Install the HDD, LOCK it (save the key and other stuff), then you can remove the chip if you need, and the machine will work fine with original games. (of course you have to reinstall the original dashboard aswell)

regards, Stephen

pS: cheapest chips that offer dual banks are Duo2X and Xchanger2.