Sweet Spot for IPOD encode

Guys, I have been using the DVD>>>IPOD feature of DVD FAb Platinum. I have them used the 3.5mm plug by AV to watch on TV. Just so I don’t waste time encoding more than I need, what are people using as there SWEET SPOT settings for the encoding.

At present I am using the following for my 80GB IPOD.

Fixed Bitrate with only 1 encoding pass
Bitrate 1500
Audio 128
Volume 200
Frame Resolution 752 x 304

When it comes to frame res, not sure if this is the best one for both watching on IPOD or watching on TV.

Any suggestions would be appreciated along with what you MIGHT be using. I have to say, when I did “Saving Private Ryan” and then hooked it to the TV, it blew my away the clarity of the image. Sure beats lugging a 100 DVD’s around.

Thanks in advance

Cage, what kind of file size do you wind up with on a typical 2 hour movie using those settings?

Actually, funny you should ask that as I just did a movie last night with those settings both on Single Pass and Two Pass for comparison. The movie was “Running Scared” it was 1 hr 58 mins long overall.

First Pass it was 1,394,924kb and took 58 mins to process

Two Pass it was 1,447,311kb and took 123 mins to procces, slightly more than double the first.

I then started up both movies in Quicktime and synced them so they ran side by side to see if I could detect the quality difference, have to say, it was difficult on the PC and I’m running a Dell 2407WFP digital running at 1920 x 1200. I have to say I was surprised, this will make it easier for me to go One Pass only in future.

It would be nice to hear from the authors to know what they would recommend as a good setting for both IPOD watching and transfer for to TV.


Try ripping The Fugitive to iPod sometime. I’d be curious to see how it turns out.

Why this particular film, have you had problems doing it ???

No probs, I had the disc so did it any way, as I wanted a copy for my IPOD when traveling. It took 1hr and 10mins, with the settings set as per the image below. Played it back on both PC and IPOD with no problems at all. Also, hooked it to plasma TV via cable, and played back perfectly. Resultant file size 1,219,606kb. Could have made it a lot smaller by going with lower bit rate, but find that is my nice SWEET SPOT for watching on all formats.

Sounds good. I’ll have to try it. Just out of curiousity, though… Have you been checking the movies at the beginning, middle, and end for A/V sync issues?

I just did a test with your settings.

I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but the A/V was out of sync within the first 3 mins of the movie. I tried both of the bitrates that you had listed in your posts which were 1200 and 1500 and had no luck. I used the default 640x352 resolution and the rip was done direct from the DVD.

I have never had success ripping this title with DVDFAB. I have had had “other successes” with this title though, which I will not mention in this forum/post. :frowning:

No problems, I have just checked the conversion, I checked it at least 6 different intervals from start to finish. No issues with sync that I can pick. This is the PAL version but should not make any difference I would think. As for the items you care not to mention PM me, might be able to shed some light on it for you.