Swedish Studio probably broke the BR-UHD standards

News is in german, maybe use gockel translator to translate. :wink:

source: https://www.heise.de/news/Moeglicher-Verstoss-gegen-Spezifikation-UHD-Blu-rays-sollen-Regionalcodes-haben-5032802.html

Thanks for the article. I’m betting on a complete stuff up in authoring, rather than a deliberate attempt to be clever.

I think they found a glitch/hole by accident and misused it badly.

That shouldn’t be tolerated!

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SF Studios should be heavily penalized & fined & pay 100% for recall of every item then have their business shutdown for life with no chance of renewal & the idiots that made this mistake put in front of a firing squad :slight_smile:

…but who will punish them - where is the bold lawyer?

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