Swedens lochness monster caught on camera

I read in yahoo news that swedens lochness monster
which has been sighted for about 400 years has been
caught on camera. The link I saw it on was http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/200808. The pictures and video are on www.stotsjood juret.nu

OMG another one; next will be one in a lake in Connecticut USA.

Today no photo can be proof of anything.

Oh! ,you mean the one they call champ? Yeah
maybe. ZAP.

He is bull shoals lake in Arkansas I know this for sure he comes to my backdoor every night for cookies and milk. He does not like it when I make him wait for E.T. to finish his.

but,don’t forget revenge of the plants like in
The movie THE HAPPENING. I finally know whats

The reproduction of this species is very good. It’s no longer threaten of extinction. :bigsmile:

In 1986, the Jämtland county administrative board declared the Storsjöodjuret to be an endangered species and granted it protected status. However,[B] it was removed from the list in November 2005.[/B]