Sweden to implement DMCA-like copyright law

I just posted the article Sweden to implement DMCA-like copyright law.

Sweden’s government has suggested changes in the country’s copyright law so it follows the European Unions Copyright Directive (EUCD) by the year’s end. The most important changes they…

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This time, the revolution will not be televised…because nobody will be able to afford the tax on the media to record it on!

So sad to hear this after returning from Sweden last Saturday. To think I was actually considering moving to Stockholm…:c

Iraq, had a good copyright system, I think it was artist death + 10 years or something like that, vs the US that is 70+ years. At some point it will be impossible to prove the past even happen because some corporation will own it. Then think how history will change, remember back in the day when Lincoln was killed because he liked Pepsi and Booth was a Coke man? History will be used as a backdrop for commercials and will serve nothing else, if you family is rich you might be able to get limited access to some ‘clean’ history. But thanks to DRM they won’t be able to share it with anyone else.

@thenapalm, Yeah, Stockholm is just beautiful, especially in summer. So, don’t drop your considiration :g As for the law, I heard about it in news the other day, but as they admit it’ll be impossible to catch any1 downloading P2P stuff. As for the taxes on blank media, all I can say is CRAZY GREEDY BASTARDS ! The enonomy is going down, but they still keep on doing very “smart” things in order to make it worse. IDIOTS !
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Dear BoSkin,how about to start a import buisness with Taiyo-Yudens and/or Mitsui disc´s?Or perhaps ask Cd-freaks to start ship to Sweden?/gs.:B
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Doesn’t anybody spot the contradiction here? They recently decided to tax DVD-R’s and such here in Holland too, with the same kind of contradiction although a little less severe. - You are not allowed to copy copyrighted materials on other media + not allowed to break copy-protection - They tax recordable media for… ??? What for? Here’s the contradiction. You’re not allowed to copy copy-righted material, so what can they tax recordable media for? If they tax it because people illegally copy copy-righted material on it, then it’s illegal… a crime… meaning the ‘tax’ is a fine. If it’s a fine then what about the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ paradigm? In short, I wrote a letter to my government about this, and how this does not work. I suggest you Sweeds do the same.

I don’t suppose it’ll make any odds, let’s face it laws are simply there to be broken…so keep your DVDmusic copying to yourself and a few choice friends and no-one will be any the wiser…go on re-distribute that wealth from their pockets to your pockets, let’s face it the rich only get richer regardless of tax, and the poor just pay more tax and get poorer…!

He-he. And then the government and the tax authorities are gonna take you in every possible hole, so that the idea will eventually end up in the best case in bankruptcy, in the worst - broken relationships and a shrink stinging your veins with injections in the coo-coo house. :B

I was thinking same as what RenHoek posted earlier here. I mean, if they charge us with taxes on blank recordable media for copyrights… well that means I’m allowed to make a copy of an “original” disc, no? I mean, I paid them my share of the “rights”, I have the right the make myself a copy. Man, it’s all money related. More laws and more restrictions make more people breaking it and getting fines --> more money for the government. They want you to break the rules

Welp… re: DMCA, tax, comments: The DMCA is a draconian law that should be rewritten to allow for the DM in DMCA, instead we must follow this 14th century law that says obey or we’ll treat… well, lets just say they’ll do nasty things to us peasants. If I remember correctly, the tax is supposed to be because of piracy and the resources having to be dedicated to stopping it. Since the media is the product to be used for piracy, it pays to tax it. So, its not really a ‘fine’ its the same as being taxed for road improvements in the community, regardless of if you use them, if you fall into the range they set, you pay the assessment. I found that out because thats whats happening to me. And, as for the Rich get Richer comment… its true because those who are rich know how to manage and grow their money, have skills that are applicable to the world around them, have social skills that enable them to make contacts, and other psychological traits. Once you HAVE money, its a lot easier to make money, just place it somewhere with a higher than inflation % of return, and never touch it, and you are golden. $1,000,000 can at least generate 30+ thousand dollars a year, and 1Million is only a lot to the middle-middleclass and lower. I fall into that category sad to say.