Sweden: Rights holders seek royalties for music in the workplace

Source: TheLocal.se

Groups representing the interests of Sweden’s music publishers are demanding that nearly 3,000 companies and organizations pay up to 40,000 kronor ($5,000) per year for allowing employees to listen to music during the work day.

“Perhaps someone has the radio on or is listening to a CD and if so, you need to have a permit that allows for music to be played the workplace,” said Susanne Bodin, a spokesperson for the Swedish Performing Rights Society (STIM) to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

Sweden is really getting into a downward spiral, if you ask me. This is just plain stupid. Radio stations already play royalties, as do pubs/clubs and coffee houses etc. Now, they ask for money if you listen to the radio in your office!

What’s next?

Greed knows no boundaries! :rolleyes:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2304393]Greed knows no boundaries! :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

One of the few things that is always true.

Newsbreak: Artists release songs - Audience doesn’t know about it and doesn’t buy it, as workplaces ban music in the workplace, due to economic difficulties.

When you build a house of cards … it’s a good idea not to start blowing at the bottom :stuck_out_tongue: