Sweden bans illegal downloads & photocopies of whole books



I just posted the article Sweden bans illegal downloads & photocopies of whole books.

 Womble used our news submit to tell us that according to The Local, Swedens daily news in English,  the MPAA and the RIAA have made a road trip to Sweden throwing themselves  on the mercy of the...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10368-Sweden-bans-illegal-downloads--photocopies-of-whole-books.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10368-Sweden-bans-illegal-downloads--photocopies-of-whole-books.html)

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If I recall correctly from my University days many many years ago, it’s illegal to copy a whole book in the UK also. You allowed to copy some part of it, but can’t remeber the exact limitation.
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What bothers me is the connotation toward music, not books. Hey, let’s link book downloads with music downloads, then they are synonymously damaging profit holders. People please see the weak link in this argument.


yeah get as much as you can before july 1st


Every worker should be entitled to a reasonable salary OK as every consumer should be entitled to pay a reasonable price for what he gets… Is it reasonable that any member of an obscure boys band, gets to the charts with one disc and 2 years later nobody knows who he is, but is entitled to get big houses/pools/cars and so on? And we have to pay $$$$$$$$$ for crap? Is it a fair salary that we ensure paying high prices for discs that are for 20+ years in the mkt, and have been sold as LP, K7, CD, DVD-Audio,SACD and what is yet to come? Books are a different story, but if you look at prices for some reference books at the universities, that will be used for a short period or only in a small part - if you look at these price, maybe it is not that strange that people is tempted to copy them. And at the end, who is getting the bulk of the cash revenews? The artist? the writter?


Thats not the worst, The worst its the increase of taxs on CD/dvd Taxs in SEK(Swedish Crowns) for a single Cd/DVD MB Tax Old Tax 700 CD-r 1,75 0,625 4464 DVD-/+r 11,16 3,250 8124 DVD-/+DL 20,31 3,250 700 CD-RW 2,80 0,625 4464 DVD-/+RW 17,86 3,250 You can buy DVD-/+r for 4-6 Sek and Cds 1 sek and up Exchange 1USD/SEK 7.4229 1EUR/SEK 9.1506 1GBP/SEK 13.501 :c


DAMN this means that the closing of piratesbay is near :c:c:c:c:c:c:c


To ominbus and others the good news is the Pirate Bay will NOT shut down the 1st of July.:slight_smile: