Swat4 copy

how can i copy swat ?
i try but i havent see how

thx for help

The first thing to do is to scan the disc with Aray scanner to find out the copy protection used. Is it CD or DVD discs?

Next can to list your CD/DVD drives as this can impact on the answer given to get the copy working.

[19:36:50] SecuROM detected -> E:\Swat4_1

i have cd

um man its protected with securom 5.8 i have it too um your best bet is to do what i have instructed before but it depends what you are doing with the copy are you gonna give it to some one or is it just to play it because you dont want to scratch the original?

ok man there is no no cd patch but there is a fixed exe so go to ohhh_look_Mommy_I_Had_My_Link_Removed and download the first one. copy the game with nero or something that will ignore the securom (not strong enough to copy it) ok now go into swat 4 directory and replace the main executable with the one you downloaded hope this works enjoy the game if any problems reply me


No-CD cracks/patches are not permitted on this forum, I suggest you read the forum rules again.
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As Womble stated, more information is required.

where is the file i clicked the link and it just took me to the news page

Read post 5, after that read post 6 very carefully.

I burned swat 4 with the securom option on, then mounted with daemon tools, it worked, a few days later, i mounted with alcohol 52% and it said please insert original disc. can anyone help? :a

just use daemon tools?

i used daemon tools, same thing.