Swat 4: Review

SWAT 4: Special Weapons and Tactics
Vivendi Universal, Sierra

After waiting forever, I finally got my copy of Swat 4 from Amazon. Here is what I think of it so far:

First off, the graphics in SWAT 4 are top notch.

Fairly intelligent AI is a plus in dangerous missions; however your team members do not strategically plan their deploying of gas, flash bangs, or stingers.

Training is not the most entertaining part of the game, but is very useful to familiarize yourself with the basics of the game. I recommend completing the training before starting a career.

The enemies aren’t in the same places every time, so that adds an element of surprise to each game.

I also like the fact that the game is fairly realistic, you can’t just go bursting in each room, guns blazing, and expect to live through one level. There are civilians you must avoid shooting and rescue, and you must also avoid unnecessary or illegal use of force to complete the mission.

One thing I didn’t realize until I played a couple of missions is that you can select different ammo, guns, and equipment for you and your entire team. It is important, for example to equip your entire team with full metal jacket ammo before confronting suspects with body armor.
The Optiwand is a very useful tool to use in the game, I recommend equipping one for yourself and 2 other officers.

Very friendly in my opinion, I have no problem navigating through the game and using the controls.

Pretty good multiplayer mode, have only played a few rounds online so far.


Game is very fun and challenging in my opinion, it is worth the money in my book!