Swat 3

Ok i used clonyxl and asked friends and looked in forums, safedisc 2 is the protection, i know that much but now im not sure which profile to use i have 2 different safedisc profiles. I have a liteon LTR - 48246S 48x24x48x the two profiles are:
SafeDisc 1 & 2 And 2.51 (no AWS)
SafeDisc 2 & 2.51 (AWS)

not sure which one

also i put the wrong burner model so thats the real one still same answer?

No AWS. YOu have a 2 sheep liteon. AWS would most likely result in a bad copy.

bump^^ i edited my first post

as long as its 24x speed or over it is a 2 sheep burner and go without AWS.

thank you very much

The original Swat 3 is only protected by Safedisc 1.50.020 meaning you dont need AWS anyway.