Swat 3 - Close Quarters Battle

Hi, i used my Plextor 16/10/40A TLA: 0000

The cd image works fine and daemon-tools works fine and it never asks for the cd but the problem is… when ever i load the game up with a backup or daemon-tools the intro movie errors ( i cant see the error message because the game has a black background and cant do Alt Tab ) and you have to press space or ESC to bypass the error message to play the game… if i put in the orignal cd to play it doesnt error and the Sierra intro movie plays perfect… sooo how can i fix this? my settings under clone cd was:

The Protection according to CloneCd Game databse is safedisc Release 2 ( 2nd)

Clonecd options: Read :

Fast Error Skip - Checked

and then i tried checking the both read subchannells but the image has the same prob

soo like the cd protection is fine on the burned cd and the image file but ths sierra intro movie is giving a problem… thanx in advance

Your Plex 1610A cannot back-up SafeDisc 2 protected discs properly. It will only run in the unit itself and will indeed giva a stuttering back-up. There is no fix for this because it’s a hardware problem :frowning:

You could use PlayBack (get this at CDR-Info.com, use search). Make a CloneCD image, patch it and enable the PB driver for the unit you want to play the back-up with: the copy should work fine. Note that PB only works for Win9x. For NT you should use InseKtors.

ohh soo swat 3 is safedsic version 2? no wonder cuz all this time i thought that it was safedisc version 1 release 2… thanx a lot