Swapping out dvd burner in a dvd-vcr combo unit. (Sony RDR-VX500)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony RDR-VX500. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a Sony dvd-vcr combo,they are both burners.Is it posible remove the dvd and upgrade it to a blu ray or a dvd drive with upconversion?

Most likely not. The hardware itself typically only supports one or a very few drive models. And even if you could upgrade the drive, the overall operation of the unit would not change as it isn’t programmed for that.

A Blu-ray drive will not work as the player itself does not contain the hardware (video and audio chipset) necessary to process the video or audio. Also, DVD drives do not perform upconversion, that is a function of the video chipset within the player. The drive is only used for reading or burning.

The drive in my home dvd recorder failed recently. It was able to write only on DVD+R/W. I replaced it with an IDE NEC 3550A DVDRW drive I used in my PC and it works fine again. It burns the same DVD+R/W as before, but with better quality. Also it recognises a disc in a shorter time! Apart from such a change, I don’t think any adittional functionality is gained. I could try to burn DVD-R/W to see what happens. Also a DL writing test is in my plans :wink:

I agree with Dogg that upgrading to a BR drive will not get you to play BR disks…