Swapping a HDD - new drive not showing up


This could be a dummy question…
My 2TB SATA D drive has been dying. Took it out and popped a 3TB in its place but when I restart it isn’t showing up.
Anyone have any idea why not?


Ok…got it. I had to use the wizard thing under disk management to assign a new letter to the drive. All good now. Thanks for your help :wink:


It’s easy enough to overlook, especially with us taking for granted that USB HDDs automatically show up due to being preformatted, which is not the case for bare SATA HDDs.

It does make me wonder what percentage of HDD RMAs for dead-on-arrival are due to this. :grin:


Indeed. It’s been quite a while since I put a bare drive in, and I had completely forgotten about this.
Cheers, Sean