Swapped my 411s for 415s - first Kprobe result



Hi guys

Well the store took my 411s back (even though I have had it for 4 months) and gave me a 415s, so I’m really glad about it. Just burned my first DVD-R (the one supplied in the box, it’s a RitekG04) and better results than I’ve ever had - see below. Can anyone just let me know the following - can labels ruin a good DVD burn? This DVD works great in my standalone, has anyone heard of any situation where a label being put on the disc may make it less readable? Because of the added heat? Sounds dumb I know, but its a hunch I have as to why I had so many coasters on my 411s (other than it being just a crappy drive)




Stick on labels are hell on DVD’s…IMO.

They can create wobble. They also can cause overheating issues in some standalones due to the added weight. There has also been talk that the solvents may cause shortened shelf life.

Some people use them with no problems…I would strongly suggest you don’t…

This scan is a 2.7gb burn (pioneer A06) with label:

Not full playable

Same disk with label removed…I had introduced some errors getting that blasted label off (dings and scratches)…but this makes my point.



What did you use to remove the label? Tried peeling a bit off one of mine and it’s gonna be UGLY! Is it safe to use soapy water to remove?