Swapped DVD Burner, now Nero 6 won't play with new Friend!

I installed a Sony DRU-710A DVD burner in my system about 18 months ago. It came bundled with Nero 6 software, and all worked very well until a few weeks ago when the Sony burner crapped out. I installed a NEC ND-3550A
burner (OEM) in its place. Now, in Nero Burning Rom, it tells me that “Sorry, this Nero version supports Sony Edition recorders only”. Cripes! Contacted Ahead Software and they just want me to upgrade to Nero 7 (and spend $65.00 for something I don’t need!!!) Anybody with a way to work around this problem would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Buy an other copy of Nero 6 OEM that is not tied to a specifie burner; do a search you can find the really cheap.

Just upgrade your OEM Nero and you will be fine.