Swapmagic help

I just purchased swap magic, but I am unable to get it to load any games. I get to the “Load Program” screen ok, use the slide tool to open the disc tray, put my game in and lockthe tray again, and press X. But it then says “Not a valid PS2 disc” under Video Mode in blue writing. I’ve tried this with backups and real games, all to the same effect. Any ideas?

Media makes a big difference, what media are you using? Also, I hate to say it but the Swapmagic method is the worst mod method out there for the PS2. The Swap Magic discs are outdated before they are even released and more and more games are requiring multiple swaps before they will work. In addition, more and more games need to be patched. To cap it all off, not all games will work. You need to spend some time at www.swapmagicfix.com reading and picking up stuff.

sorry for my bad engels butt you must put a original game that hase more mb or giga b youse the normal button on the ps2 for open close cd … than it says on the screen put a bigger tok disc than you youse the slide card to open the cd than you put your kopie game en close wiht the slide card thise works 100% i hat the same problem wehn i buyt the swap set this was the solution