Swap with cd-rw?



I have a Dell Dimension 8200 2ghz, 1gb rdram, with a dvd-rom and cd-rw writer. I ordered a Benq 1620 dvd burner. Can I simply switch with the cd-rw using the same set up from the cd-rw with the dvd burner? Do I need an audio cable? I see different advice on web sites, need some from the good people at CDFreaks. Thanks


If your Dell is a new system (less than two years old) it will have the necessary 80 wire IDE cable already.
I would recommend installing it on the secondary chanel as a master (set jumpers on BenQ) or, if alldrives are set to CS (cable select) then set the BenQ to CS and place on end connector of cable.
You do not need an audio cable.
After you install it, check to see what firmware you have using DVDIdentifier or DVDInfo Pro.
Download QScan for BenQ site or Unofficial BenQ site referenced at top of forum. Use this to test for OK write speed for your particular media.
If you use Nero, you can check with Nero Info Tool.
“Do not upgrade firmware…yet”
Do some test burns 1st to comfirm drive is OK. You do not void warranty that way if something is wrong with the drive. Come to this forum if you have problems & for tips & wisdom. Folks are very helpful here.
You can get stand alone CD Speed application (also in Nero) free from their web site. Then you can either create a data disc (save the file) then do a disc quality scan (save the file) and see how you drive performs before you update the firmware. You can also scan any video or data DVD’s you create.
This should get you started & congratulations on your new BenQ.