Swap Speaker Channels

OK here my problem i need a way to swap the speaker channels on my PC i use a toslink cable to connect it to a 5.1 HT system my problem is my PC is against 1 wall while my TV is against another now while i watch tv the speaker channels are good FL is FL & FR is FR and so on you get the point but when i use the pc FL becomes FR and SL becomes FL and so on. in other words the channel map is wrong so i need a program that can swap the channels so when i use the PC i get the correct channel mapping Windows 7

ALSO just in case you dont no
FL=Front Left
FR=Front Right
SL=Surround Left

Weird, since it’s a digital optical signal.

What kind of brand and model type of soundcard/device does your pc use?

You can config your sound output using start -> configuration screen -> sound -> config.

It can be done using ffdshow:

I believe it can also be done in AC3Filter.

SB Recon2D PCIe