Swap magic

hello, does anyone know if it’s possible to copy the psx/ps2 boot disc swap magic using blindwrite? otherwise, what do i need to copy it?

it’s ok i got it to work :slight_smile:

sorry guys i got ahead of myself, i didn’t manage it after all. i should have checked first.

hi, how did you managed that? i tried with DVD-R/+R and it does not work…

You can not copy swap magic with any software - else you wouldn’t need it to be able to boot PS2 backups!! Swap Magic is a pressed disc.

Hi There. I’m new to this swap magic business and i have a problem. I wonder if anyone out there can help. I have a slim ps2 and i tried to load a back up disc with a dark coloured bottom surface using swap magic but it keeps telling me its not a ps2 game. I’ve tried selecting Pal and ntsc and using the dvd and pal swap disc’s but it just comes up the same. Is there any way around this?

i believe with swap magic what you have to do is insert the swap magic disk, then pull out the drive and replace the disk once its loaded.

Hi. I’d like to make a copy of my son’s Swap Discs. Can anyone tell me which programme to use and how to do it? I can’t find any way.

Not possible as it is a stamped CD with the Authentic Sony boot info on.