Swap Magic 3 Plus

I just recently bought this. My friend wants to try it out so I was wondering if I can just copy it and lend him my back-up? Is it possible to do this? Thanks

Technically, perhaps (don’t know about that myself).

Legally, I doubt it (I would say no…but it depends on the End User License Agreement (EULA)).

A simple answer to your question would be “no”. Unless you are willing to spend $1,000+ on a DVD press, you will never be able to replicate your Swap Magic Disc.

I have a burned copy of the swap magic 3 cd but not the dvd & it works. It was supposedly burned in seperate sessions onto the cd, each file placed on the cd in a different session. (7 total he says) I have no trouble playing ps1 & ps2 games as long as they fit onto a cd, but no matter how the guy I got it from tried, he said he cannot copy the swap magic3 dvd.

Supposedly there is a specific order to which session goes first, second, etc and he Would not tell me which order (so I too couldn’t copy & give em out I guess (I paid $5 for this copy) but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out although I have many coasters now & still have had no successful disks, but mine is a copy so I know it is possible.

I know that doesnt help you much, except to say that it IS possible to copy the swap magic 3 CD !!

Good Luck

I have been using swap magic discs for two years and so far they have not worn out and they are very cheap to buy so why go through the fuss of even trying to copy them just is beyond my belief LMAO :slight_smile:

If you use the Swap Disc, use a legal version and not a copy form a friend.

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