Swap File



What are the best setings for the swap file for 2GB of RAM


768 max and min


Let windows auto manage the pagefile unless you have another hard drive dedicated to the pagefile. Still the performance gain will be nill, since you have 2GB of RAM.


generally, the more`ram you have the smaller the pagefile needs to be. put the pf on another drive if you have more than one physical drive.

more @ http://www.petri.co.il/pagefile_optimization.htm


0 is probably the best size :stuck_out_tongue:

thats a crapload of ram


Some programs will complain without a pagefile.


furballi is correct. Even with that much RAM, some applications will simply choke if they can’t detect a swap file of reasonable size.
Set max and min to the same number, and it will never get fragged either. You can also set your computer to delete the swap file on every restart, thus creating a contiguous swap.


the lower you keep the swap file the faster your pc will run experiment with it see how low you can get it i usually set mine to 500MB on low end and 1000MB on high end