Swap disk?

what is a Ps 2 swap disk and how do i get one??

no such thing as a swap disc they are scammers that sell them.
There is a swap method though, the first thing you need is a modified ps2 housing it has a lid on top like the old psx then you insert an original bought game and at a certain point in the ps2 boot up you pull the original game disc out and quickly put in your backed up disc if all went well it should start up fine.

You can get a swap disc here. The disc is used in combination with a flip top. You have to have one to fool the ps2 into thinking the backup is legit. i know from first-hand experience, they do work. There are scammers so you have to be careful where you buy from. If you need more info try here Talk to some of the people in the forums there on who they consider to reputable dealers.