Swany's latest finds ;)

Ok, after installing 1.1.2 and retrying all the movies that wouldn’t not audio sync with the video (or in the case of that blasted Shrek 1 who wouldn’t go at all), everything worked with the following exceptions:

(I wont list my equipment setup as I’m sure everyone’s seen it posted enough times already lol). All tests were done using WMP 11 on either Winodws XP Pro with all patches or Windows Vista Ultimate with all patches, running either K-Lite Full Codec pack version 2.84 or 3.01. Also, unless stated otherwise, everything was done with the PVP settings for the Zen Vision M with a bitrate of 512 to 600.

Night At The Museum - Same as previous versions of Fab. Works great until the monkey takes the baby keys then it starts out a fraction of a second out of sync but gets worse as the movie goes on evetually becoming several seconds out of sync.

Men Of Honor - Same as previous versions, everything is good until he is waiting at the gate to report for diving school then it goes a couple seconds out of sync.

Stargate Ultimate Edition - Same as previous versions, after traveling through the gate the first time everything is still in sync until they are setting up camp. Just before they throw Daniels suite case is when it falls out of sync.

Blade Runner - Same as previous versions, out of sync right away.

Unforgiven (with Clint Eastwood/Gene Hackman) - Same as previous, out of sync right away.

The Patriot (with Mel Gibson) - Can not do anything with this one. If I choose PVP and go to the second screen and press “Configure” it crashes DVDFab (on any machine). If I try to copy main movie only, or customize, or anything, as soon as I start unselecting the audio I don’t want it crashes Fab (again, on any machine). Again, this is the “Special Edition”, written with white letters across the top in a small yellow banner.

Other than that, outstanding! I got both Shrek 1 and The Incredibles to PVP with no problems. And as of the writting of this, I am waiting for a machine to finish it’s current project to see if I can make a DVD backup of Shrek 1. Hopefully it’ll work now :slight_smile:

Shrek 1 still will not make a DVD backup that will work in any players. It will copy it, then write it fine (no errors), but still will not play in any players I own (6 different players). Instead of the Fujifilm disks this time I tried an Imatioin DVD -R (all my machines can play ±R/RW’s). Also this time instead of the NEC or the Sony DVD burner I used the Matshita. So, that’s 2 different laptops, 3 different DVD burners, 2 Windows OS’s, and 5 different versions of DVDFab that I’ve tried. :frowning:

So, the kids may not have a copy they can use, but at least I have it on AVI so I can take it with me to the Sand Box lol.

Hi Swany6mm,

Please try DVDFab to see the result:


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I will be all over it tonight/tomorrow :slight_smile: (got a lot to do today). Outstanding work Fengtao. I really appreciate this. At this rate, I’ll be able to take my entire movie collection with me :slight_smile:

Hi Swany6mm,

How about your test result?

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Fengtao, I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted! Things have been INSANE here at home. We are down to one week to deployment so the wife and I have been running like crazy to make sure I have everything I need. Here’s what I got to work and not work out of this list;

What works now;
Night at the Museum
Stargate Ultimate Edition
The Patriot

What doesn’t work
Men Of Honor - MOH syncs audio now, and it plays almost all the way to the end. How ever, when he’s in the court making the walk in the new heavier diving suit, he gets to about step 8 or so then the video stops playing, but the audio continues like nothing is wrong. I can reproduce this on both machines. Also, it doesn’t matter if I play it from the begining or just jump right to the end. If I FF to ANY point after that, the video goes right to that scene, freezes, but the audio plays correctly.

Blade Runner - Same problem as before, no change

Unforgiven (with Clint Eastwood/Gene Hackman) - Same problem as before, no change

Hi Swany6mm,

I hope everything is going smoothly with you.

For Blad Runner, it’s normal version or director’s cut version?

For Unforgiven, it’s normal version, or two-disc special version?

Sometimes I just wander why there are so many versions for same movie. :a

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I cant help but notice no further word on shrek1. Did that finally work on DVD or is it still a mystery?


Hey ya guys :slight_smile: Things are smooth but insanse :wink: I think I’ll get a little more time with the family this weekend (They are trying hard to make sure we get at least a three day weekend this weekend).

Blade Runner - “The Directors Cut. The Original Cut Of The Futuristic Adventure”

Unforgiven - It’s marked at the top with “Client Eastwood Collection”. Also has down in the bottom right “Best Picture - 1992”. Single disk.

Men Of Honor - Has a blue banner with white lettering “Special Edition”.

Shrek 1 works great as an AVI now :slight_smile: Plays perfectly on the laptops (in AVI format) and on my Zen. Unfortunatly, given my current insanity situation, I haven’t had time to try and make another DVD backup of it. I’m hoping to do that this weekend. If I can’t, it’ll have to wait a year, year and a half and I’m sure by then Fengtao will have a few more releases out :wink:

Hi Swany6mm,

Please try DVDFab Beta to see the result:


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Downloaded and trying now. I saw Unforgiven on the fixed list. Should I try Men Of Honor and Blade Runner again, or is that another problem waiting on the next release?

I wont be able to try them out after this weekend. Our ship date is early monday morning. I’ve been told we’ll have internet in our rooms (if we want to pay for it). I’m bringing my laptop and such, but non of my DVD’s. I’m sure the guys will be buying some that that they’ll want me to copy to mobile for them and their IPods or what have you ;). I’ll try and keep posting as often as I can while there and let you know how things are going.

Doing Unforgiven right now…Will post resaults as soon as it’s done.

Hi Swany6mm,

Please try Men Of Honor and Blade Runner to see the result too, thanks.

Happy moving to new house :slight_smile:

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Stay in touch, Swany and be safe! Special thanks to Fengtao and Ting for helping to get some of this working for you before you hit the sand.

Thanks Feng, Sig. The wishes are greatfully acepted :slight_smile:

First result - Unforgiven…Stays in PERFECT sync now. How ever, it now displays the same problem Men Of Honor did with the last release. It plays almost until the end of the movie, but, when it gets to the part where he is telling the writer to pick up the rifle in the bar, the video freezes while the audio continues on. Again, does not matter if it plays to that point or if I FF to it or beyond it. As soon as it gets there it freezes the video.

Trying Men Of Honor next…I’ll report once I’ve done it and Blade Runner.


I just wanted to let you know that my prayers go with you and thank you.

HD, thank you :slight_smile: Everyones well wishes really do mean something to me and the guys :slight_smile:

Fengtao, Men Of Honor has no change. Plays almost until then end, when he’s walking in the new suite in the court and then video freezes while the audio continues.

Ok, so, to sum up -

Men Of Honor has no change since last release.

Unforgiven has started syncing, but develops the same problem that Men Of Honor has near the end (see previous post for exact spot of video freeze).

Blade Runner - Syncs and plays perfectly now :slight_smile:

Again, Feng, thanks so much for working so hard at this. I really do apprecaite it :slight_smile:


Swany, stay sane in an insane world :flower:

If you ask my wife she’d tell you “Too late”