SW:EAW the right way (Tutorial)

Star Wars: Empire At War
by DrunkenDunk

- Daemon Tools
- Alcohol 120%

>>> Creating an image <<<

Create a good image (-> DPM: High or the Securom NEW 4x/5x settings — Read-Speed has to be 1x(150 KB/sec))
with ALCOHOL 120% of the original DVD of SW:EAW

>>> Installation <<<

Mount the image with DAEMON TOOLS (without any Emulation options and to be 100% sure use only 1 virtual drive)

Install the game

>>> Creating a profile in CUREROM <<<

Create a profile in CUREROM
-> use DAEMON TOOLS as the emulator
-> wait -> 10sec
-> everything else default


>>> Starting the game <<<

Start the game with the CUREROM profile (sometimes the shortcut by CureROM makes problems, so use the profile directly)

>>> Important help <<<

If you re-boot your PC you have to unmount your virtual drive with DAEMON TOOLS and after this you have to mount the image

Now you can start SW:EAW with your CUREROM profile

IT WORKS REALLY!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Errrmmm… does it works on Pioneer 109B DVD burner?