SVP Yuden T02 packs good?

Since no-one came up with an alternative to order MCC004 from, I’m stuck with just one alternative, Yuden T02 from SVP.

They sell these printable DVD+R in packs of 100.

Are these any good? I’m a bit worried about the packing, won’t they scratch like that?


Others who’ve ordered those seem quite happy with them. SVP do generally pack things pretty well and hopefully you might have a cakebox or two spare to repack them.

I must say i was sceptical like you about packaging, i was mainly concerned about dust. However I ordered them about 2weeks ago, they came very well packed in a mountain of bubble wrap, and acutally dust wise they were the cleanest discs i have ever seen, better than spindles. They scan very well aswell. I believe SVP have dropped the price by £2 recently, so ill be stocking up next time its buyers club shipping. :slight_smile:

Could you post a scan if you have it handy? Thx.


It would only be relevant to post a scan of a burn done in the same burner as you’ve got so if you let us know that then someone may have one handy.

I’ve got scans of these T02 from SVP burned in some of my drives. These were bought 6 months ago, so there’s no guarantee that they are the same batch.

As others have said, a scan would only help if it was burned in the same burner with the same firmware.

But I burned one anyway, here ya go. Also as suggested, you may get a different batch though :wink:

Burned at 8x on a Samsung SH-S182D.

That’s a pretty typical scan for TY T02 media and similar to what I get on my Samsung 182M, Benq 1650, Pio 111L & Liteon 1635s.

Looks good. I have a Pio 111 fw1.29. Should do well with Yuden T02 (the previous Pio drives I had did extremely well with Plextor 8x +R’s)


Three 4x scans of Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R Printable (TG001162) burned on Pioneer DVR-111L at 8x. First and third are on the same drive and the second is a different drive.

Not as good as Arachne’s scan above.

16x scans are not as good for those discs; the PIE are elevated in the 6x burning zone.

They look decent enough, and above all, consistent. Not the unreliable quality of T03’s that I am experiencing. It slows me down enormously that I have to check every disc seperately.

With my old T02’s from Plextor I could just burn and archive. Every 10th disc I checked and they were always good.

Can you tell me if these brandless TY T02’s als are very consistent, no known bad batches and problems?

BTW, I remark an elevated PIE level at the start, any explanation for this?

edit: I should mind my manners more :wink: Thanks all for posting this info and these scans! They’re a tremendous help.


A combination of sub-optimal firmware strategy for the 6x part of the 6-8x Z-CLV strategy in the Pioneer firmware, combined with build variation between Pioneer drives. It’s clearly not the media.

Burn with ImgBurn @12x in Benq DW1650 BCDC
Scanned with DW1640 (which is on the wane, scans are bot as good as on my 1650).

Don’t you even read in the topics you make?

Thanks, I did read about your recommendation for printable Verbies at SVP, but I found them a bit too pricey and decided to look further. If it comes to it, I still might go for these.

As for digitalpromo - they never replied to my question if they were MIT or MII.

I apologize, I should have phrased my OP more carefully.


Infiniti 16x DVD+R are nearly always MCC 004. These are definitely MCC 004 because I have some. £9.99 delivered for 50 is great value too.

Unfortunately, they seem to only ship within the UK. At least, I can’t enter my mainland country when I try to make an account.

But are Infiniti MCC004 real Verbatim produced discs or just fakes using the MCC004 disc code?


They’re real, made by CMC :slight_smile:

And very, very nicely they burn too :iagree:

Ditto - my Infiniti CMC made MCC 03RG20’s burn as well as Verbatim CMC made MCC 03RG20’s, and Infiniti QC is also very good from my experience :iagree: :bigsmile: