SVP, what a great shop!

Recently, they have solved me a warranty problem with a Sumvision mp3 player that I bought last year.

The solution has been very professional, and very generous.
I am not going to give the details, because maybe people could tend to abuse of their generosity. Just tell you that these guys are great. (I knew this was a great shop before this experience, but now I am reassured).

Thanks to Susie, who attended me very kindly via email. :flower:

Too bad I live in Spain, and shipping costs are understandably high. (still, lower than other uk shops, and If you order a big package, it is wothy).
If I lived in the UK, I would order more often! :iagree:

Bravo for SVP :clap:

Yep, SVP’s customer service is second to none IMO :slight_smile:

yes, I have a long experience buying in many internet shops, and it is difficult
to find such a kind attitude.
Normally internet shops treat the customers like sh*t.