SVP Superb Service


Newbie here, searching for the best advice on media.
Have had lots of great advice and would like to recomend a supplier

Someone recommended their trial packs. I ordered, tested and then of course cross flashed my writer to 16x somy tests were invalid.

I contacted SVP and they send me FOC another test pack of Verb and Tayio.

Great price, great service (even replied to an email on a Sunday)


yip, a good company to deal with :bow:

I second that (or is it third now :bigsmile: ) - SVP are an excellent company to deal with. Customer service emails answered extremely swiftly - and outside of office hours, too :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I fourth that. :eek:
BTW what’s office hours? :confused: Anybody tell the employers? :a
Wait a minute I’m selfemployed! :doh:
:rolleyes: :bigsmile: :smiley: :cool:
SVP rules. UK. OK. :clap: :bow:

Any body with any sense in the UK would deal with SVP.

What with the (small) discount available to CD Freak members, the almost weekly discounted shipping & other offers it’s the place to get media and many other things from.

in the last 3 orders i’ve gave then i’ve forgotten about the cdfreaks discount :doh: oh well, still great service

Ditto! But even without said discount, they’re great :flower:

Zebadee is a self-employed little tinker and troublemaker, BTW…he doesn’t keep “office hours”, he’s at it 24/7 :bigsmile:

SVP are the best DVD blanks retailer I have dealt with!

They run regular special offer discounts for Buyers Club members too.

I was especially impressed with their honest comments for each type/brand of disc. Most online stores talk up the cheep sh1t as being “the best thing since sliced bread” but SVP say things like " cheep media but not the best quality wise; may suit some purposes". I give them mucho respecto for this alone! :iagree:

On a side note. I will be placing a large order soon. [B]How do I get my CDFreaks discount?[/B] :flower: I realise it may only be a modest amount but I order in bulk rather than shop around.

I know what I’m getting with SVP and I wouldn’t go anywhere else on the .net! :disagree: :iagree: :bigsmile:

They do good deals on drives, too :iagree:…slightly OT, but thought I’d mention it, since we’re talking about SVP :bigsmile:

@Kim Jong

To get the CDF discount I sent my email to
subject was “Discount from CD Freaks”.
Message was “Please can I have the cd freaks discount on my account?”

Obviously you need to have created your account on SVP first though.

Thanks for the info TimC! :flower:

SVP are the best :iagree: ! Good prices, and incredible support! I started early to use SVP, and if they keep going this way, I’ll never change suppliers :clap: .

P.S. I’m from Italy and pay 15£ for delivery….but this won’t stop me from buying from them (this is a testimony that they are good)…
Now they have even special Discount Delivery :bow: !!!