SVP site revamp-cheaper log-on info where?

Just wondering if you guys are going to be doing a cdfreaks special again?

Hi Jesterrace.
I’m glad you asked. Here’s the info you will need.
On the old website, you guys could get discount by using the username: cdfreaks and password taiyo.
Allowing you all to access a discount using the same login caused a few problems, so on the new website, you need to have individual logins, but we still want you to enjoy the same level of discounts.

In order to help us to help you we need you to do the following:

  1. Go to the new website ( and register. You don’t need to buy anything, just register.

  2. Email me on with your surname and a message saying “Please can I have the cd freaks discount on my account?”

  3. I’ll upgrade your account with the discount. Once I’ve done that and you log back in you’ll see the retail prices crossed out and your personal prices on the website instead.

The website is still being worked on, so if you see any bugs, let me know :slight_smile:
Features of the new website include:
Personal logins for every customer.
Individual order history available for each customer.
Order status updated online in your personal account area (including tracking details when orders are dispatched)
Faster database running in the background of the website.
Ability to sort items on the screen according to price. You can even sort discs into “price per disc” which is useful when comparing packs of different sizes.
Ability to look for items either by category (i.e DVDR discs) or by brand (i.e TDK, Verbatim)

You can log into the new site using the email address and password associated with the old website. You’ll see your discounts immediately.

If you see anything on the website that looks wrong or incorrect please let me know. I do value your opinions.

Any questions feel free to email me on


What is the discount worth by the way?

a few pence per tub as i remember but it all adds up if you buy in bulk like me :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve.