SVP Promotion



If anyone’s interested a couple of RiDisc DVDs it would appear SVP has a FREE offer. :clap: :clap:



lol, i’ll pass, even if they are free.


I’ve sent for them, will only use them for temp purpose. But hey if somethings free might as well take it.




Hi :slight_smile:
Even if they were willing to pay me to take these discs. I’d decline. :iagree:


I can be bought (but they didn’t). As nice as the offer is i think i’ll pass too :wink:


I won’t be using any media that begins with the letters “Ri” again. I did send for them so I can smash them with a hammer. Thanks for the post!

Seriously, I will do a couple of redundant back-up’s on them and see how they do. All of my older CMC media is doing well, even if some of the initial burns were flaky at the outer edges of the disks and those were binned if I spotted it in scan. I’ll probably try more quality CMC media soon, not the very cheap stuff.

Besides it often giving high errors in the last 600Mb of a disk, it’s been a very compatable media for my benq 1620 (B7W9) as long as it’s burned at the rated speed. Slower burns go haywire for some reason. I put the outer edge failures down to bad dye spread and hope this is only a problem with the cheaper no-brand crap I’ve bought in the past.


What about Ricoh? :wink:


Hmmmm…still puts me off on general association! There is an alternate MID for one of the free disks. The RiDisk branded disks may have media code TTG02 instead of CMC MAG AE1. I wouldn’t buy any media that was a MID lottery, but I’ll take their free sample to test. No way will I put anything I need to keep on it though.

I’m also off printable media in general until we have some more results on it’s effects on longevity. Need to see more research there personally.


Well i got my sample pack today. It was very nicely packaged in a two sided disc wallet with the printable in one side and the non-printable in the other. Nice one SVP!

Packaging was definetely the best thing. I won’t be buying any of these in a hurry. The printable actually turned out better than the branded one. (which was unreadable).

Here are the results and a pic: (both are cmc)
Both burned at 8x on a BenQ 1650 [SB-off, Wopc-on] - Printable first, then branded. [Printable was readable but has some dips, i wasnt using my pc so i dont know how the little ones happened, and the branded is unreadable at the edge]


This is an example of bad E-net media damaging CMC’s reputation.


Yep, i have some unbranded cmc f01 discs here which burn amazingly well at 8x. With consistent scores of 98 and 99. My infiniti branded AE1 discs were great too!

Its a shame that E-net is allowed to puke all over the media market.


my 2 disks just arrived. I hadn’t realised it was possible for a disk to burn so badly and have it still play. I will never complain about any Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim batch again.


The non-printable disc burned on my Liteon 1635S @ 8X.

Not brilliant but not that bad either.