SVP Problem

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with svp

I purchased some goods from them and they are not picking the phones up either :a

Let me know

Just email them with your query and they will deal with it for you.

If you cannot get through on the phones, email through your phone number and ask them to call you back. They should be able to deal with your query by email though :wink:

Use “Submit a ticket” if you have a question. So far i always got answer same day :slight_smile:

I’m finding their new site layout very slow and buggy. They should get back to you very fast if you email them.

I’m only an email away if there’s ever a problem.

MD SVP Communications

Hehe, yeah - Time to find new ways to shortcut through the site :wink:

No problems at all. Just had a quick email exchange with Kathy. SVP remains as prompt and helpful as ever. Superb service!

And I don’t find the new desgin buggy and slow. It’s working rather well. Sure, it took a little while to get used to, but being able to browse by manufacturer is incredibly useful.

i used svp a few weeks ago and ordered the wrong media by accident it was about 9pm when i placed my order as i looked over the reciept i printed off i realized my mistake and emailed them at about 9.30pm crapping myself as i had requested a quick delivery .
they emailed me at 5am in the moring letting me know that they had read my email , true dedication and great customer service, and they changed my media before it even left the shop/store… :bow:

And Sundays. I’ve emailed late on a Saturday night, and been emailed back on a Sunday morning.

Never ever had a problem with the guys there, even when it comes to returning discs.

Customer service is the best I have ever experienced.

I’ve always had excellent service from SVP and would recommend them to anyone and everyone… :clap: :clap: :clap:

No problems with SVP - even telephoned to let me know about late delivery of stock.

I think SVP are great - but their couriers are crap - I ordered a load of discs - first try the discs went missing - second try - the redelivery took bloody ages to come - but then again I live in Ireland and nothing happens fast - best bit is I ordered TDK DVD-RW on a spindle - they were out of stock so they sent Verbatim in jewel cases at no extra cost - score!!

What really pee’ed me off is they finally left the box on a neighbours door step and on the tracking they stated I had signed for them!! Again I know that this isn’t SVP’s problem but they should maybe look at changing their couriers!!

Wow! You must have read my mind.

I ordered some Plextor discs from SVP and they were damaged during shipping. SVP sent me some new ones without any hassle at all. This second shipment were delivered to a nice young couple on an entirely different address a few hundred yards from my place, but the couple then showed up at my door and gave the package to me.

So SVP has excellent service but their shipping partner (to Denmark) couldn’t find their own a** with both hands!

When I use SVP I always pay a pound or so more to use Parcel Force (the good old Post Office). I think the private courier they use is Citylink who are frankly a load of muppets.

#1: Last night, Sunday, the guys at SVP were hard at work at 2030h picking my order, and emailing to confitm… Don’t they ever sleep?!

#2: Interlink is the courier they use. The only problem I’ve had is with pick-ups, when the courier doesn’t arrive on the day stated. I think there is usually a miscommunication between SVP and Interlink. I would guess that being at work all day and all night, 24/7, the guys at SVP forget what day it is.

Some places may be a few pence cheaper than SVP, but the service isn’t quite as good. So I stick with them.


Well, i’ve an ongoing issue with them at the minute.

I placed an order several days ago, got immediate receipt that it was picked and shipped, then just got notification this morning that one component was ‘amended’ and ‘shipped’ today.

Since i’m flying abroad tomorrow, i’m bollixed.

I’ve also been billed twice on credit card and delivery fees.
Why oh why can’t they offer the option to WAIT and combine deliveries OR notify customers if there’s a potential stocking problem with the option to cancel that part of the order.

To top it all off, the tracking numbers with the courier service don’t work - but i’ll write this off to courier issues as they seem to be ‘muppets’
I’ve contacted Customer support, so fingers crossed.

Steve, if you’re reading - check out support Ticket 7404-2394405

[update] - they’ve replied, assuring me i’ve not been charged twice for delivery, but the initial 2/3 days has been increased to 8 days, and both orders will arrive AFTER i leave for abroad, dammit. (The first order was delayed at the courier service for 24 ours due to poor packaging/labelling)
The explanation they’ve given for not notifying me are teething bugs in the system.

Oh well, i’ve learned not to trust courier times in the future, and order a few weeks in advance. My own fault for not recalling Murphys Law - “what can go wrong, will go wrong.”

I would be surprised if SVP made an error and refused to correct it. They are easily the best media sales company in UK.

They don’t sell Epson cartridge anymore :confused:

They don’t?! Damn. :sad:

Talking of cartridges, that’s (possibly) the only beef I have with SVP - that they don’t sell Lexmark cartridges. I bought a Lexmark all-in-one for my mum at Christmas, and I was hoping I could buy cartridges for it there. Ah well.

Edit: Wow, you’re right…“our range of Jet Tec Epson compatible
cartridges have been temporarily removed.”

Thank God I stocked up on my last SVP spree. :bigsmile:

SVP have treated me well - no complaints here!

For my last order, I opted for economy delivery… arrived the next business day. And it WAS CityLink this time, not Interlink Express, so I stand corrected.

I wanted some rechargable batteries, but these suddenly became unavailable after the website redesign. Never mind; SVP is still the best in the UK IMHO.