SVP no longer ships to Belgium?

I just tried to place my order so it could ship tomorrow. But in my cart I can no longer checkout, with a message saying I should contact them regarding shipping.

In the shipping address section Belgium is now listed as “Billing only, no deliveries”

The same is true for Norway, but not for other mainland countries.

Does anyone know what’s going on? Franck, does your account still work?


Personally i’m not sure if they ship at all. My one week old order hasn’t left their building

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(And yes i emailed them 4 days ago - and yes they promised asap whatever that is these days)

Yes, but at least you could place your order. It seems Belgium is no longer an allowed destination. I already emailed them, curious what they’ll reply. I still am entitled to some replacements, so how they’re going to handle those…


Seems Paul is working at SVP on a Sunday:
[I]Unfortunately due to new belgian legislation (Import Taxes etc) it is no longer financially viable to despatch to Belgium[/I] [/B]

:a :a :a insert strong language here :a :a :a

So much for the free European market. :Z :Z

Can anyone tell me where to find Yuden000T02 now? :sad:


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Look at other shops like Digitalpromo, maybe they still ship to Belgium.

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I’ll try Digital Promo, but last I send them an email they didn’t even bother to reply…

Edit: Digital Promo does not ship to Belgium…

Any more places I should look at?


There are other shops like Tomdax, XMEDIATRADE, CDRvierge/CDRwinkel that do ship to Belgium, but don’t have YUDEN000 T02.

Good luck!

Thanks, CDRwinkel will not ship to Belgium though, they’re my old store. Currently they’re trying to fight in court to be able to ship to Belgium, but it will take a long time to get this through all the courts.

Xmediatrade I already contacted about Verbatims. If they’re willing to tell me if they have MIT or MII, CMC, Prodisc of MBI, I’ll buy a big lot of Verbies from them. I’m taking no more chances with stores stopping shipping shipments to Belgium. Time to hoard :bigsmile:


My account still works, but I noticed last week, yet, that SVP stopped shipping to Belgium… which didn’t surprise me, as all german shops had already stopped in 2006, most UK shops too, due to the obnoxious, misguided and surrealistic new belgian laws. :a

SVP and DigitalPromo waited longer, that’s all.

I’m currently having my stuff delivered to a place in France not too far from where I live. Luxembourg and Netherlands are another possibility for delivery, if you know people there. Considering the insane prices of blanks in Belgium, personally I would happily drive 6 hours to go and fetch my blanks if I had to! :rolleyes: ship to belguim ive bought 200 yuden000t02 and they top notch the first 100 i got where (TG000041) and the second 100 are (TG001162)only burnt 3 so far out of the first 100 and the scans are excellent

What’s the normal price for blank media in Belgium?

Is it high because of a blank media levy intended to compensate the poor starving artists, just like in e.g. Denmark and Sweden? Or is it the state that’s taxing for it’s own benefit?

I have seen a few comments about the high media prices in Belgium, but I had no idea how crazy the situation is!. A quick comparison of the prices on komplett dot ie/ shows that a 100 pack of Verbatim +R costs around Eur 40-41 in most EU countries and Eur 108 in Belgium!!! No wonder you guys are complaining. I would drive to Taiwan before I would pay those prices.

So much for the single European market :frowning:

For any “well-known” brand (Verbatim, TDK, Philips, HP, Fuji, Maxell, Sony…) a 25-discs cakebox is around ~33 euros… el-cheapo brands like EMTEC and PRINCO can be found at… ~27 euros!

Is it high because of a blank media levy intended to compensate the poor starving artists, just like in e.g. Denmark and Sweden? Or is it the state that’s taxing for it’s own benefit?
Both, actually. They recently increased the levvy even more, in a surrealistic move towards the so-called protection of copyright :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . So prices will get even higher shortly. Also VAT is 21% here, among the highest in EU if I’m not mistaken.

The local consumer organization (“Test-Achats”) is trying to fight these moronic measures about blank media, but I doubt that it will get anywhere. Only decisions by the EU instances could have an impact I guess. As these measures distort the market, it’s a possibility…

You mean, it’s a blank media levy intended to feed the bureaucracy like in Germany! (Luckily it isn’t as bad here as it is in some other countries… yet?)

It’s perfectly logical for us inferior beings that we must pay for something that we mustn’t do anyway. :a

I buy media from shops in Luxembourg with a clear conscience. I know that this is not good for the local economy, but this is what an economy in a democrazy must expect. :frowning:

Normal prices in the area where I live:
10 pack DVD+/-R (Fuji, Sony, TDK, Maxell, Verbatim): cakebox € 7-9, jewel cases € 10
25 pack DVD+/-R: € 13-15
50 pack DVD+/-R: € 22-30

25 pack CD-R: € 6
50 pack CD-R (Fuji, Sony, TDK, Verbatim Super Azo): € 10-12

Huge jewel-case ripoff:
5 jewel cases: € 1.50 (never less)
10 jewel cases: € 3
[B]No bigger packs of jewel cases![/B]
50 slim cases: € 10

This place is messed up but looking at the Belgian or Austrian prices I’m quite happy that I can buy media in a shop if I need some badly instead of having to order and wait a week…

I’ve considered the possibility but I have no friends or relatives in the neighbouring countries. Right now looking for friends who have friends…

France is a bit far off from here, but both Germany and the Netherlands are close by. :slight_smile:


That wouldn’t be Xmediatrade perchance?

I received an email telling me their 100 pc spindels of Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) are MIT, but not whether they’re CMC or Prodisc. All their MCC004 is MII, so no good :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you happen to know if these are CMC’s? Are these as good as MCC004? I browsed through a lot of threads last night and I remember seeing something about Verbatim DVD-R being a bit more prone to bad batches lately. It was late and I may have misread.


Which conclusion can I make:
1 Franksoy is kind of a rich artist.(not starving :P)
2 He’s getting lot’s of compensation. (But hey why doesn’t he buy the stuff with the levies then ?)
3 The system is screwed.

Hmmm unless it’s 1 I think the answer is 3. :bigsmile:

Also count in the netherlands as your looking at screwed dvd prices from your neighbouring countries :). But hey we can buy from the UK,Luxembourg or even belgium (without levies ).

Very much. :iagree: [I]Over[/I]screwed. When you really take a closer look at it, it’s an extremely unfair, dishonest and kafkaian system.

BTW no, I’m definitly not rich, but don’t be scared, I’m not starving… :bigsmile:

Just out of curiosity what is the cheapest that you folks can get blank 8x TY DVD+R in Belgium (rebranded or otherwise)? And what were you paying to get them shipped to you from SVP prior to this change?

I doubt that Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R can still be had in any brick and mortar stores (to my very chagrin) in any country. :frowning:
(Well, some stray packs may still be out there. But generally, I don’t think it’s easy to get YUDEN000 T02 in B&M stores anymore.)