Svp = great service!

just got my nec back after a rma to svp and i have to say that they gave me the best service i have ever got from an online retailer. maybe with the exception of ccl computers
sorry if its in the wrong section but credit where credit is due eh!

you’re not alone, they’re probably the best online store i’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. :slight_smile:

Can’t argue with that :slight_smile:

Yup, use them all the time, excellent delivery and pricing everytime!

Yepp, deeply inpressed with them

Was looking for the 2510, found it on, but backlogged for over 3 1/2 week. Checked out SVP, they had it in stock and i got it 2 days later (ordered tuesday, got it thursday morning)

What’s SVP?

Yup, great service, Highly recommended

recently Orderd a Pioneer 107 from Them

On the day i orederd drive wus advertised at 59.99, 2 days later the Drive dropped to 54.99. Emailed SVP and they refunded the difference .

P&P wus only 69p aswell (Buyers club memeber)

After reading such good things about SVP, I ordered a NEC 2500A ldrive ast friday and it arrived today. I was shocked to find that manufacture date on it was December 2003 and firmware 1.06. This drive was manufactured in China. SVP told me that all their current stock of 2500A drives have manufacture date of December 2003 and their stock turn around is only 2 weeks. This can’t be true unless NEC have a huge stock pile of these drives. I wanted SVP to exchange it for a drive with firmware of 1.07 and manufactured in 2004 but they refused. I can get my money but I have to pay carriage for it.

Forgive my ignorance, but what would the difference be between the two drive dates? Firmware is upgradable, so what changes would have been made to the manufacturing process?

I am not concerend about differences in drives, a brand new drive should have current the firmware. I don’t exactly know when firmware 1.07 was released but it is more than 3 months old.

So why not just upgrade the firmware rather than trying to return the drive? Personally, I’d rather the retailer didn’t open the drive and flash it, possibly breaking it in the process.

The drives are identical no matter when they were manufactured. All that is different is the firmware. Just update to 1.07 and you’re done. Updating is a must and has to be performed at some stage in order to match media. You probably won’t get away with not updating the firmware at some point in the future so don’t worry about warranties etc.

Just wish they would stock more TY dvdr media - they have Verbatum -R pastels (don;t like miss-matched colours, rather have laquer of plain), but no others. You can get Plextor (TY) +r and TY -R from some UK retailers and Enuyers, but not SVP, I understand the price they can get them for and the profit may be down, but it means those wanting non-coloured TY’s have to go elsewhere - not good business - otherwise SVP are great.