SVP:Buy A Bargain... And Get Another Bargain!

No media offers from SVP this week, but an interesting little offer none the less. :wink:


We’ve got a nice and simple offer in today’s newsletter.

I’ve taken a handful of popular items and reduced the price to the lowest that I dare (in fact I doubt if you’ll find lower anywhere!). I’ve then added an option on each of these products to have a very nice leather-cased 512MB pen drive for 99p!

So grab yourself a bargain and make it even sweeter with a 99p pen drive.

Please tell as many people as possible about the offer… you are our sales force!

To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is select one of the products below and then add the selected product to your shopping basket, together with the pen drive as a Related Product (as detailed in the image below).

Please Note: If you try to add the products separately (i.e. on different pages) the discounts will NOT be applied to your order.

CiBOX C1905 19" Wide Aspect TFT Monitor [only £111.99]

LG M198WA 19" LCD Monitor With
Integrated TV Tuner [only £159.99]

LG M208WA 20" LCD Monitor With
Integrated TV Tuner [only £189.99]

Pioneer BDC-202
DVD Writer / Blu-Ray Reader Drive [only £111.99]

Pioneer DVR-112
18x DVD Writer [only £17.99]

8x External DVD Writer
With SecurDisc [only £49.98]

Umax DVD-7600XTV DivX/DVD Player
With DVB-T Tuner [only £46.99]

Freecom Network MediaPlayer-35
(Drive-In Kit) [only £64.99]

Topfield TF5800PVR 250GB Twin Tuner Freeview PVR [only £239.99]

Freecom 2.5" USB2.0 250GB
Mobile External Hard Drive [only £104.99]

CiBOX C106 6-inch
Digital Photo Frame [only £38.99]

Thanks Feena! :flower:

Looks like we finally have a British equivalent of ripit in here, these SVP postings are handy! :slight_smile: