SVCD's burnt in NEC 1300 won't play in cdrw using PwrDVD?


As my trusty plextor 241040a is dying (or so it seems) I have now installed an NEC 1300 as the master and moved the cdrw as a slave.

SVCD’s authored using VCDEasy and burnt with the NEC playback from the NEC using PowerDVD but PowerDVD refuses to accept them as valid when the cdr is transferred to the plextor. I get the following error message > The DVD disc might have been damaged so as to inhibit playback operation.

Hmm - it is not a dvd but svcd. Burning with the plextor works for playback with PowerDVD in the plextor, but those burnt with the NEC seem to have issues. IsoBuster extracts the mpeg just fine and sees the cdr as a normal svcd. The naming is fine. Does Nero + NEC set something strange in the format? The worrying issue is that unlike the pane I got using Nero (which would nto recognise the NEC), Nero using the NEC gives a different pane and the write CD info pane shows 2 tracks, 1 1MB and the 2nd 697MB (in this case) - is this right?

I am really confused now - and don’t know what to trust.

ALL svcd’s have 2 tracks (as a minimum), first one is small and contains the folders and other data/files within the folders. The second large track contains the AVSEQ01.MPG file only.

“…refuses to accept them as valid when the cdr is transferred to the plextor” hmm… maybe your Plextor IS dying.

I’m not sure about Nero as they only released update last week !

It is - my bad :slight_smile: