SVCD2DVD limited time @ £1

SVCD2DVD b[/b] - Good program. Simple and complex menu capabilities. Temporarily on sale for £1!!!

this is from a post Drinklieanddie posted in slysofts forum, it’s usually £20

great find :smiley:

shareware for that price?? shareware is suppose to be free

i copied it from another forum.
shareware could be wrong, it’s normally £20 donation to entre the registered uers area

To celebrate the start of the English football season… SVCD2DVD registration is £1!!! Ignore all the references to £20 and enjoy full access to the Registered Users Area and the FULL version of SVCD2DVD for one pound!

shareware, taken from Wiki

Shareware is a marketing method for computer software. Shareware software is typically obtained free of charge, often by downloading from the Internet or on magazine cover-disks. A user tries out the program, and thus shareware has also been known as “try before you buy”. A shareware program is accompanied by a request for payment, and the software’s distribution license often requires such a payment.

looks as if you can pay for it as well sometimes

Shareware is not free is usally comes with a trial , i own this software and i woulld pay for it again , its that good !!! , he does have a freeware version to test out with out all the bells and whistles …