question …==>>>is it possible to copy a svcd videofile to a dvd disk???

So yes …how ??:eek:

Yes it is but not sure if its worth all the hassles though.

  1. Join all the MPG files together.
  2. Demux to get the Video & Audio components
  3. Convert the 44.1khz audio to 48khz audio.
  4. Then convert mpa audio to AC3.
  5. Run DVDPatcher on mpv file to say its now 720x576/480.
  6. Load into Maestro to author. Exit Maestro.
  7. Patch file back to 480x576/480.
  8. Run Maestro and load back in the project. Author and compile.
  9. Burn to DVD

And in all that hope to hell that audio stays in sync.

Another way is to re-encode the svcd to dvd compliant stream with TMPGenc, but then the quality drops even further. I think its easier to re-do the movie from the original dvd.

As above but most of the pre authoring steps automated…


Thanks for that ChrissyBoy, yes your new app is tops. Keep up the good work mate.

your new app is tops

Thanks ChickenMan - hope you find it useful.