SVCD What is it?

So what is SVCD? and how does it differ from VCD? I tried burning an AVI that is around 280MB in SVCD format and damn it’s been 45mins already and the encoding is just at 50 percent!

Will SVCD make the quality of the movie better?

SVCD is an improvemnet of the vcd video disk format. It’s meant to support more “dvd like” features and benefits. Encoding from AVI to a compliant disk structure is time consuming period, but worth it if you want to watch that clip in a set top box.

As for quality, really depends on your source avi…crap to start with…crap to end with, but a quality divx avi can produce a “near” dvd quality svcd.

I’d suggest you spend a little time reading Chickenmans tutorials on this subject here on this site, you’ll learn alot about not just this subject, but some tips and tricks for better output…:slight_smile: