Svcd to vcd question



how do i convert a svcd to a dvd player wont play svcd’s.thanks.


Have you tried the old re-multiplex with a VCD header trick?

To convert, simply extract the mpg’s run them through DVD2AVI then use TMPGenc to encode to VCD selecting the D2V as the video source and the mp2 as the audio or if the audio is already 224k 44.1KHz (i.e. VCD complient) encode just the video and then multiplex.


when i use dvd2avi it starts fine but after about 20 minutes i get a runtime error(illegal operation).


Try a different version of DVD2AVI


where do i get it?


if the newest version does not work, try an older one.

Make sure when you save, you select SAVE PROJECT. It should only take a few minutes to demux the audio and create the d2v file.

Also take note of the aspect ratio. You will be going from 480x480 to 352x240 (NTSC). It has been so long since I have done this conversion, i can not remember which aspect ratio setting is needed. Just select a small piece of the video and encode it trying different aspect ratios (use source range to select small piece of the video)…


it worked.thanks alot.