Hello All,

Can anyone help me out? I founf CM’s hint on how to easily convert SVCD to DVDr but I got a bit stuck. I ripped the *.mpg files out the SVCD with ISOBuster and renamed them no problem. Just what to do after that bit caused the confusion!!!

The hint then refers you to a dvd to dvdr guide which I have, but I don’t quite know where to start in this guide? Is it the whole process and if so for which type?

If anyone can help I’d appreciate it.



There are 2 basically different ways of putting a SVCD onto a DVDR. One is to demux it to individual streams (like you have already), use DVD Patcher to change the header of the Video stream to DVD compiant width, convert audio to 48khz and to AC3, author in Maestro (or whatever), re-use DVD Patcher back to SVCD width then burn out. No re-encoding done, but may not work properly on your DVD Player.

The other way is to completely reencode the SVCD to true DVD compliance. A few ways of doing this also, you can run DVD2AVI and load in the svcd. Save Project. Convert the audio it extracts to 48khz and AC3 with BeSweet. Run VFAPI to convert the project file *.D2V to an *.AVI file, then follow the AVI to DVDR tutorial.