Hi All,

I have just bought a Sony dru 700A burner, I have spent the last couple of days trying to convert “Star Trek Nemesis” (on 3 cd’s) to dvd format.

I have the following programs installed:
TMPGenc DVD Author
Ulead Movie factory
DVD De-crypter

As the movie on the 3 cd’s is in a AVESQ format, I converted them to MPEG2 with TMPGenc, Then ran them thru DVD-Lab, which said i had to transcode the audio to 48,00 Khz ( I think ).

Now i am stuck as to how do i convert these to dvd format and burn them.

I have looked at a lot of howto’s and tutorials, but most all of them seem to be for people who already know about this sort of stuff. What i need is a step by step tutorial for a REAL Newbie :slight_smile:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



I’ve done quite a few of these and all I use is TMPGenc and TMPGenc DVD Author.

I use TMPGenc to convert the files to DVD compliant files - I use an external audio encoder (tooLame v0.2l as TMPGenc’s internal encoder leaves alot to be desired.

Once the files have been encoded I author them using TMPGenc DVD Author.and then burn using NERO. TMPGenc DVD Author can also write to disc aswell if you don’t want to use something like NERO.


Many thanks for the quick replies, I shall give it a go, and let you know the results.



Well it was a miserable failure yet again, I printed out the tutorial from the link btspm supplied, and followed it exactly.

So I did a bit more googling and found out that DVD-Lab is supposed to convert SVCD to DVD (from here)

I followed the guide as per instructions, but could not load a .dat file, so i used VCDgear to convert to mpeg, then went back to dvd-lab and imported the 1st AVESQ.mpg file into the assets bin. it then asked if i wanted to transcode the audio to 48k and i said yes.

I then imported the second AVSEQ.mpg file It asked if i wanted to transcode the audio to 48k i once again said yes. it got to about 19% and then came up with this error message.

Cause bad header or unknown track
This file doesn’t seem to be mpeg audio
Check if it is not wrongly named ac3”

Buggered if i know whats wrong with it, it did the 1st AVESQ file O.K.

I’ll keep on trying, but any help with this would be appreciated.



Did you try TMPGenc & TMPGenc DVD Author?


You may want to demux your audio and video streams prior to reencoding to different formats/bitrates. I don’t know what format your audio started out as, but the ideal for DVD (48k AC3) is difficult to do properly- few programs and even fewer that output a good audio stream in a way that DVD authoring programs ‘like’. Using AC3machine or BeSweet on a separate .mpa stream might yield better results than using the built in options in your DVD authoring program.


WoooHoo Success at last :slight_smile:

I used DVDGear to get the mpegs, then used TMPGEnc to Merge and cut the mpgs into one file, Then used TMPGEnc DVD source creator to convert them to DVD.

Mind you it took 15Hrs to convert a 2.6Gb Mpg to DVD :eek: Then i used Ulead Movie factory to burn the DVD (4.2Gb).

The TMPEnc DVD Source Creator transcoded the audio to 48k automatically when it was converting the mpgs.

Thank you all for the help.



good stuff :slight_smile: