Svcd to dvd

Hi can any 1 help me i have 2 converted mpg files using vcdgear
renamed then to vob files
like chickenman said
how do i put these files onto a dvd that will play in my home dvd player

if any 1 can help i will be very greatful

you could just demux the MPG file (with TMPGEnc, MPEG2VCR, M2-Edit, etc, etc.) the audio *.mpa file then needs to be converted from 44.1 khz to 48 khz and also AC3 for better compatability. Use Besweet or AC3 Machine to do all this. Then just author the files in Maestro, TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab (to name a few). then burn.

if you’re unsure of the authoring and burning process you should check out chickenmans DivX to DVDR guide found here

hope that helps